Used vehicles import

03 de setiembre de 2012


Act 18964 extending for one more year the prohibition to import used chattels (including vehicles) was published, as provided for article 1 of Act 17887 dated August 19, 2005.


Used vehicles import: temporary becoming final.

Next August, the term established by the Executive Power forbidding to import cars and light commercial vehicles (up to 1500 kilograms load capacity), buses, trucks, tractors, tractors for semi-trailers, chassis with or without engine, trailers or semi-trailers, bodies and/or cabins, motorcycles (including moped) and bicycles equipped with auxiliary engine, with or without sidecar, sidecars, as well as parts and pieces used by such vehicles, expires.

The grounds of such measure is in the phatic presumption that used vehicles coming from abroad are technologically obsolete with the consequent environmental and safety problems they bring. Besides, we end up encouraging the purchase of stolen cars because of the difficult traceability of such items and, finally, free import would affect investments of the last years which were mainly thought for the national market.

After this term expiration, Act Nº 12670 of 1959 will be back in force, ensuring free import. At regional level, only Paraguay currently allows the import of used vehicles, and Japan is one of its main suppliers, which has to adapt them with no warranty nor procedure approval. Peru was one of the last countries in enforcing this prohibition.

It is of fundamental importance the road, juridical and environmental safety measures that demand the necessary controls upon this commerce, but this cannot be suffered by the consumer because, at present, a car is a working tool, as necessary as the traditional desk.

As any other rule, it has exceptions in the advantageous regulations granted to Uruguayans residing abroad who want to return to our country. For further information on this subject, you can refer to the specific report about customs benefits for Uruguayans living abroad who want to return to our country.

At present (May-2011), the Executive Power is working in a bill in order to extend or make permanent this regulation which was born as temporary but is already six years old.


In August 1st, 2011, the Executive Power issued a new decree nº 275/11 extending for another 180 days the prohibition to import used chattels (vehicles and others).

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