Temporary Admission

09 de noviembre de 2010

Act 18184, of October 27, 2007– on import mechanisms in temporary admission, withdrawal from stock and drawback – has been regulated by Decree of the Executive Power Nº 505/2009 dated November 3, 2009.

The legal provision – already in force – modifies some operational and substantial aspects of the previous regime, abrogating through a generic formula all previous regulations in contradiction with its precepts.

As regards the basic aspects, the new frame shall be the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining – with the technical administrative participation of the Technological Laboratory of Uruguay (LATU) – responsible for controlling the use of industrial promotion mechanisms regulated by Law, without prejudice of the responsibilities set forth by the legal regulations in force to the National Customs Department and the General Tax Authorities (article 3 of Act 18184).

The analysis of the new provisions and their comparison with the previous regime has been prepared for Grupo EPP by Dr. Pablo Labandera, an expert in Customs and Foreign Trade Law.