II Meeting of Cabinet of Ministers of Argentina and Uruguay

22 de marzo de 2011

It also made progress in negotiations on issues of infrastructure, science and technology, social, health, justice, education, safety, environment, production and trade, housing, telecommunications, agriculture and tourism
He also stressed their commitments on issues such as, expedite border crossings, dredging the rivers of the Plata and Uruguay, fisheries, energy and sports.
The main topics to highlight related to our activities were:

Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries: (1)
The harmonization of standards for the regulation of genetically modified organisms and pesticide application on crops and prevention of common pests and diseases.
Addressing issues from a regional rather than national angle was an approach that both ministries shared. Also on the fight against fly gaff, a disease that affects the two countries and the region
Many of the points raised in Buenos Aires by the heads of the River Plate and agricultural policies had been in the Council of Ministers of MERCOSUR, but this binational meeting served to enrich them down to earth, the minister said Aguerre.

Export Licensing: (2)
Uruguay and Argentina advance to more fluid trading mechanism
Days before the ministerial meeting Roberto Kreimerman (Minister of Industry), reported that the Argentine government coordinated with the release of 75% of trade licenses were being processed.
Both countries expedite the procedures of licensing of trade through a quick procedure fast-track type (protocol network where you can exchange files), with time limits for issuing permits.

Fray Bentos and Martin Garcia favored
In 90 days the bidding is opened to dredging river Uruguay:
Uruguay and Argentina developed a joint project to dredge the River Uruguay from zero (Concepción del Uruguay) to 25 feet, and in 90 days will open a tender to dredge to 34 feet, according to Minister of Transport and Public Works, Enrique Pintado . The work will have a fundamental significance for the port of Fray Bentos and Martin Garcia channel, he added.> Uruguayan Foreign Minister was satisfied with the agreement reached on the Martin Garcia channel dredging and the river Uruguay, old aspirations of Uruguay that could not concreteness.
The ministers pledged that if the depth of the channel extends Mitre, the Argentine side, it is appropriate to the Uruguayan side in the Martin Garcia channel, to ensure equal conditions for both countries.
Timerman said all that implies greater navigability in the border rivers is important because it provides a framework for growth in production and exports of both nations.

(1) In respect of prevention of pests and diseases common agreements already exist especially with regard to the regulation of SPS in Mercosur. There are also joint action protocols to these events (although not always followed). There are so many that the European Union funded a program to harmonize them.
On agro-chemicals but there are several forecasts is mainly Resolution No. 73/94 which states "Technical requirements for the assessment and registration of active substances and formulated products agrochemicals in the Mercosur region."
With regard to genetically modified organisms I have no knowledge of any specific regulation exists (I did a search and found nothing.) If its existence is expected in "Codes of conduct for the import and release of exotic biological control agents" but not a specific and comprehensive regulation in the European style. In general is closely related to measures for transport and to avoid trade barriers for this reason.
Similarly, the harmonization of all laws regarding these issues will be an arduous task for the amount there.

(2) On the issue export licenses are attaching mail received from the House of converting industry on the subject