13 de junio de 2011


Trade between Argentina and Brazil, which includes 33,000 million  year, tending to normalize after the bilateral meeting held in Brasilia for a week and a half between the Minister of Industry, Deborah Giorgi, and his Brazilian counterpart Fernando Pimentel



II Meeting of Cabinet rank from Argentina and Uruguay.

The title track was one of the subjects committing both countries to expedite trade licenses via Fast Tack.

In the link below you will find a report of that meeting and an extension on the subject. Also an attachment with the statement that we sent the Chamber of Industry with the monitoring procedure of delay by Argentina to give the LI after 15 days of requested



Argentina lifted barriers to imports of auto parts. 

Argentina decided Wednesday to exclude from the list of articles that apply non-automatic licensing regime for metal products and parts related to automotive production, one of Uruguay's main exports to that destination. 

77/2011 complementary resolution adopted by the Argentine government, published Wednesday in the Official Gazette of the country, changed the scope of the legislation made official on 14 February, extending the non-automatic import licenses from 400 to 600 products and came into effect from yesterday.



We remind you that starting next Monday March 7 willResolution 45/2011 effect that increases the number of positionsNon-automatic licensing tariff.

The Resolution determines that the merchandise that dateeffect is fly to Argentina or the zoneCustoms primary will be excluded from managed the License noautomatic, and will have 60 calendar days to make itsa destination place, otherwise must be dealt License Noautomatically.

It is very important that before embarking merchandiseimport consult us to verify that your productNO LICENSE need or automatically to avoid problems. Our company will make arrangements and consultations with our agent in Argentina

The management of a non-automaticestimated to have a delay of approximately 90 days, musthave previously registered the company in the sector's LegalMinistry of Industry, file it takes about 45 days.