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Regulations for wood packages used in Foreign Trade

05 de enero de 2015

The International Regulation on Phytosanitary Measures (NIMF) nº 15 was created by FAO in the year 2002 with the purpose of describing the measures required to reduce the risk of introducing and/or disseminating quarantine plagues related to wood packaging (including dunnage), manufactured in raw conifer and non-conifer wood in international trade.

In our country, the MGAP (Ministy of Livestock, Agriculture and Fishery) created a standard called the Phytosanitary Wood Packaging Certification System Standard, establishing the procedures to be followed in order to certify all wood products used to contain, support, protect or transport any products to be exported from Uruguay with commercial or other purposes, towards countries that have adopted the NIMF 15.

Likewise, according to Decree 106/06, unprocessed wood packages containing any kind of products in remittances entering Uruguay, under any regime (import, transit, temporary admission, transitory storage, entering free zone), whether for business or other purposes, should comply with the phytosanitary requirements as established by the General Department of Agricultural Services of the MGAP, as provided for in the International Act on Phytosanitary Measures nº 15.

Wood packaging not complying with those requirements should be returned to shipment countries or be eliminated by burning or other procedure to be decided by the involved trader who shall bear all the costs thereof.

The National Customs Department shall not authorize any shipments entering or leaving the market if they use wood packaging as support material without the authorization of the technical services of the General Department of Agricultural Services (DGSA) of the MGAP.

In summary, whenever goods are exported in wooden pallets, before exporting them it must be checked if the wood packaging requires fumigation or heat treatment certificate according to ISPM 15 Standard in the country of destination.

In the case of imported goods, at present (08/31/2012) the MGAP controls only packaging transporting vegetable or animal products. But before importing, we recommend you to clear up any doubts about this subject.

Attached hereto, you will find further information and a document with frequently asked questions about the subject published by the MGAP.



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