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Mercosur Rules of Origin

05 de enero de 2015

IN VIEW OF: the Treaty of Asuncion, the Protocol of Ouro Preto, Decisions Nº 06/94, 16/97, 03/00, 69/00, 41/00, 04/02, 20/02, 24/02, 18/03 and 35/03 of the Common Market Council, Resolutions Nº 27/01 and 43/03 of the Common Market Group and Directive Nº 04/00 of the Committee on International Trade of MERCOSUR.


That it is necessary to unify in one document all regulations regarding the MERCOSUR Rules of Origin.

That said unification will facilitate the enforcement of the MERCOSUR Rules of Origin, both for competent authorities and business operators.


Art. 1 – Abolish Decisions CMC Nº 06/94, 16/97, 03/00, 41/00, 04/02, 24/02, Resolution GMC Nº 27/01 and Directive CCM Nº 04/00.

Art. 2 - Abolish Decisions CMC Nº 18/03 and 35/03.

Art. 3 - Approve the text of the "MERCOSUR Rules of Origin", attached hereto and an integral part of the present Decision, under the provisions of Articleo 6 of Decision CMC Nº 20/02.

Art. 4 – Request States Parties to instruct their respective Representations before the Latin-American Integration Association (ALADI) to record the present Decision within the Economic Complementation Agreement Nº 18, under the terms set forth in Resolution GMC Nº 43/03. Such recording shall imply the abolishment of the following Additional Protocols to ACE Nº 18: VIII, XIV, XXIV, XXVII, XXXV, XXXIX and XL.

Art. 5 – States Parties should include the present Decision in the local legal regulations before May 15, 2004.

CMC (Dec. CMC Nº 20/02, Art. 6) – Montevideo, 06/V/04


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