Free Trade Zone

A Free Trade Zone is an area of a country where industrial, commercial, financial, logistics and service sector related activities are developed within a statutory system of tax and duty exemptions.

Free Trade Zones in strategic points in Uruguay:
Zonamerica in Montevideo (ZA), Free Trade Zone Colonia (ZFC), UPM Free Trade Zone (Fray Bentos), Nueva Palmira Free Trade Zone, Floridasur Free Trade Zone, Río Negro Free Trade Zone, Aguada Park (exclusively services), Rivera Free Trade Zone, WTC Free Zone (exclusively services), Punta Pereira Free Trade Zone.

Grupo EPP operates in all Free Trade Zones in Uruguay and has its own infrastructure in the Free Trade Zone in Colonia.

We possess thorough knowledge on they way national and international Free Trade Zones operate, which enable us to assist our customers with advice on operational options for each particular transaction.

Services offered

  • Warehouse storage
  • Stock, lot and expiration dates control
  • Pick and pack services, bulk breaking, preparation of orders
  • Labelling

We look after your assets in transit