There are numerous risks involved in transporting merchandize that may prevent your goods from reaching destination in good condition. Insurance is the most efficient tool in order to protect the owner and his goods during shipping.

Being well aware of this and following our vision, which is to offer our customers a comprehensive service, we have made an alliance with the Insurance Brokerage firm Lopez Castilla – Futuro Seguros,

We participate as co-insurers providing our customers with a comprehensive service, managing and fully covering all aspects of foreign trade.

This alliance allows us to provide a comprehensive service by offering transport insurance. However, each client has total freedom to choose his regular Insurance Broker.

Main Insurance Coverage includes
Property Damage/ Business Interruption/ Liability, Employers Liability (Workers’ Compensation Act)/ Vehicles (private and fleet)/ D&O liability/ Bonds (Guarantees)

Minimize your risk by insuring