Customs Brokers

The Customs Broker is an irreplaceable link between private and public sector. A Customs Broker deals with the procedures for import/export and transit of goods requested by Customs Service (DNA), as well as the government agencies involved in the specific type of transaction.

At Grupo EPP we deal with procedures in a simple, fast and efficient way, in compliance with current regulations. We have brokers in all agencies throughout the country and in major cities within the MERCOSUR, which guarantees success in all our transactions.

We believe that counting on a highly qualified staff is essential to provide our customers with excellent service. This is why we strongly invest in continuous training for our workforce.

Throughout our many years of experience, we have handled countless transactions with the most suitable strategies. This has allowed us to gain substantial knowledge, which we have capitalized on and put to our customers’ service.

At Grupo EPP we deal with all procedures involved in import, export and transit of goods, in order to offer the customer a comprehensive solution, thereby minimizing extra logistic cost.

Services include

  • Submission and procedures for government and private agencies, such as: LATU, MGAP, MIEM, URSEC, INASE, INAC, DGI, among others.
  • Preparation of Consolidated Customs Document (DUA) for import, export and transit of goods. Duty-free shops and transportation.
  • Operational Management of regulations regarding entry to and exit from Free Trade Zones (ZF), Free Ports and Airports and International Transit.
  • Tariff classification of goods.
  • Preparation of requested documentation: commercial invoice, certificate of origin, health certificate, packing list.
  • Duty drawbacks
  • Comprehensive processing of Temporary Admission (AT): entry and exit of raw material, stock control, etc.
  • Management of temporary admission of goods intended for events.
  • Requests for ALS.

We are market leaders

Services available connected with customs clearance: Consultancy, Outsourcing, Logistics and cargo, Free Trade Zones and Insurance.