Grupo EPP Cargo

At Grupo EPP Cargo, we have the expertise and the necessary infrastructure for the shipping, reception and handling of goods, both locally and internationally.

Our network of suppliers worldwide enables us to provide our customers with safe, personalized transportation via land, air or sea.

Our expertise makes it possible for us to provide you with guidelines on the best transportation options according to your needs and manage logistics from point of origin to destination.

We have trade agreements that allow us to offer our customers special benefits of warehouse storage in the Port of Montevideo, as well as in Carrasco International Airport and Free Trade Zones.

Our vast experience in imports and exports allows us to operate with great flexibility.

Our highly qualified team is prepared to develop the logistics required by the handling of goods, particularly when handling hazardous cargo, perishables, live animals and fragile cargo. Our customers can rely on the thorough management of our operations, thereby optimizing time and resources and lowering costs, while successfully completing their transactions.

At Grupo EPP, we see our clients as our partners. This is why our services and advice in connection with storage, handling and packaging of all sorts of merchandize seek value for money.

We are your link to the world